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Empowering individuals through sexuality education and the performing arts

The Work

Bee on Flower

When it comes to sex/sexuality education, we are firm believers in being the best allies and accomplices to young people. Our arts-cased curriculum is inclusive, sex-positive, holistic, accessible, shame-free, and rooted in social and reproductive justice. While acknowledging that field of sexuality education is fluid and in a constant state of growth, we aim to make creative and innovative spaces to explore this essential piece of what it means to be a human in a human body. 

Our programming draws from pedagogical resources from applied and participatory theatre, performing arts practices, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors, and Therapists, as well as the Institute for Sex Education and Enlightenment and can be experience as multi-session classes, workshops, or project-based structures.  

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Theatre is a powerful tool for learning, for connection, for analysis, for joy, and for making vulnerable spaces and difficult dialogues safe and fruitful.

~ Michael Rohd

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